Wizard Vortex Mixer
-365 EPDM O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Black, 7" ID, 7-3/8" OD, 3/16" Width (Pack of 25)
Celestron 44410 Prepared Microscope Slides (25-Piece Set)
Celestron 44104 500x Power Advanced Biological Microscope
Nylon Mesh 64 Micron Opening 33 Micron Thread Diameter 44.5 Percent Open Area 12" x 12" (Pack of 5)
Stainless Steel 302 Ball, Grade 100, 1/4" Diameter (Pack of 100)
Brown Acrylic Felt 72" Wide x 1 Yard Long
Experience Music: A TuneCore Alternative Sampler: Various Artists
Tripp Lite N033-001 Modular Coupler Straight RJ45F/F
3M 08897 Silicone Lubricant (Dry Tape) 8.5oz. 3M Silicone Lubricant (Dry Type), 08897, 8 oz Net Wt
Men's 10" Boot in Black
Men's Economy PVC Boot in Black
Precision Twist R18H High Helix Drill #06 118 Deg HSS 2 1/2" Flute 3 3/4" L
Precision Twist 7/32" Taper Length Drill 118 Deg HSS L 6" Flute 3 5/8"
Nylon Machine Screw, Oval Head, Slotted Drive, M6-1, 45mm Length (Pack of 100)
Weiler 10006 0.0104" Wire Size, 3/4" Diameter, Steel Bristles, Solid End, Stem-Mounted Crimped Wire End Brush
Weiler 10011 0.014" Wire Size, 1" Diameter, Steel Bristles, Solid End, Stem-Mounted Crimped Wire End Brush
Precision Twist #8 Jobber Length NAS 907 135 Deg Split Point 2 7/16" Flute 3 5/8" L
Starrett 380-36 36-Inch Steel Straight Edge
-205 Viton Quad-Ring, 75A Durometer, Black, 7/16" ID, 11/16" OD, 1/8" Width (Pack of 1)
3M(TM) Scotch-Weld(TM) Structural Plastic Adhesive DP8005, 35 mL [PRICE is per PACK]
Stainless Steel 304 Hypodermic Round Tubing, 24 Gauge, 0.0223" OD, 0.014" ID, 0.004" Wall, 60" Length
Scientific Industries SI-0246C Vortex-Genie 2 60Hz, 220V Mixer Without Plug
Wearwell 477.78x18x24GRBK 7/8" Thick x 18" Width x 24" Length, Black Color, Natural Rubber Wet Area Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Grease Resistant WorkSafe Mat
Ajax Scientific Micrometer Caliper; 0-25mm
Hanna Instruments HI 991301N Waterproof pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Meter (High Range EC)
40x~1600x Research Biological Compound Microscope with Siedentopf Binocular Head
Martin 3JEM Quadraflex Sleeve
Wearwell 479.34X3X4BYL 3/4" Thick x 3' Width x 4' Length, Black with Yellow Borders, CFR Wet Area Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Industrial WorkSafe Mat
6010 Nachi Bearing 50x80x16:Open:C3:Japan
Button cell batteries, 1.5 V, 6/pack (Eveready # 386)
Weiler 56170 Tiger 1/2" Arbor, 0.035" Thickness, 6" Diameter, A60T Grit, Type 1 Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel
Micro Essential Lab MF-1608 Hydrion Total pH Range: 6.0 To 9.5, MicroFine pH Test Paper Dispenser
Triarch Invertebrate Organisms; Turbellaria Planaria
M12-1.50X41.3/42.0 Wheel Stud (10 count)
Conbraco 10-614-20 3/4" X 1" Fnpt 100psi Asme Sfty Rv Hi Btu
Jaguar G3858BL Super Heavy Duty Can Liner, 38"x58", 1.1 Mil Gauge, Black Color (Pack of 100)
Cetrimide Select Agar (10 per pack)
Albrecht 77110 WL160-CAT40 1/32-5/8" Wrench-Lock Drill Chuck
Interstate NH061001244T 1-12 Hss Left Hand Taper Tap
DIXIE 500-Lb. Capacity Work Platforms
Brass Wood Screw, Flat Head, Slotted Drive, #12, 2-1/2" Length (Pack of 50)
Pyrex Brand 2982 cylinder; 500 mL, pack of 1
Dixon Valve 3161-16 5 Micron Filter Element for F08
Brass Wood Screw, Flat Head, Slotted Drive, #10, 1-3/4" Length (Pack of 50)
Battalion 1XLX9 Hinge, Torque, Blk, 2 Holes
Starrett 709ACZ White Dial Test Indicators with Dovetail Mount, 0.030" Range, 0.0005" Graduation, 0-15-0 Dial Reading
Stainless Steel A286 Socket Cap Screw, Hex Socket Drive, NAS, #2-56, 3/16" Length (Pack of 1)
Polycarbonate Machine Screw, Pan Head, Phillips Drive, #4-40, 7/16" Length (Pack of 25)
Jewelry Care Cloth 10" x 12"
COVER SLIPS glass pre-cleaned 100/bx 22x22mm
25.4 x 76.2mm Depression Slides for Light Microscopy (Pack of 12)
Messermeister Cheflamme Culinary Torch with Fuel Gauge
CapitolBrand M3453-2440 24 x 40 mm, #1 Thickness Glass Microscope Cover Slips/Cover Glasses (Box of 100)
BonJour Pro Torch with Fuel Gauge
Blazer MT3000 Hot Shot Butane Torch - Yellow
4.4 Inch 1850 Staunton Chess Set In Mahogany Casket
Nylon 6/6 Shoulder Washer, 0.380" ID, 0.411" OD, 0.093" Thick, 0.500" Shoulder Diameter, 0.468" Length (Pack of 100)
Magna Visor by Bausch and Lomb with Three Lenses
Combo Jet Torch Lighter & Cigar Cutter (Assorted) #31
Gentleman's Triple Torch Cigar Lighter With Retractable Hole Punch #110
Aficionado Cigar Lighter With Retractable Hole Punch #8
tep EZ Humidor Seasoning Packet:
Zippo Premium Butane Fuel (1.9 oz.)
Cigar Save It
Dovo All Steel Satin, Full Hollow Stainless Steel, 5/8"
Scalpmaster Barber Strop
Colonel Ichabod Conk Straight Razor Sharpening Stone
Fromm Razor Strop 2 1/2" X 23"
Fromm Strop Dressing, 4-Ounce Bottle
Body Toolz Horsehide Leather & Canvas Barber Strop
Mitutoyo 500-171-20, Digimatic Digital Caliper, 0 - 6"/150mm, .0005"/0.01mm, with SPC Output
Mitutoyo 700-126, Plastic Digital Caliper, 0 - 6"/150mm, .001"/0.1mm, Non-Output
Mitutoyo 293-348, 0 - 1" X .00005"/0.001mm IP65 Digimatic Outside Micrometer, No Output, Friction Thimble
Mitutoyo 293-831, 0 - 1" X .00005"/0.001mm Digimatic MDC Lite Outside Micrometer, No Output, Ratchet
Mitutoyo 505-675, Dial Caliper, 0 - 6" X .001", .100" per rev., White Face
PanaVise 203 Pv Jr. Vise Head With 5/8 Inch Shaft For 300 Series Bases
PanaVise 311 Bench Clamp Base Mount
Irwin 2078305 Vise-Grip 5-Inch Wire Stripper and Cutter
Xuron LX Micro Shear Flush Cutter
IRWIN 4-1/2-Inch Flush Diagonal w/Spring 2078925
DryMistat HumidiTube Cigar Tube Humidifier, Single Tube
ifier 72%:
Steinel 07062 9mm Reduction Nozzle Heat Gun Accessories
Steinel 34104 SV 803 K, UltraHeat Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit Includes, 75mm Spreader Nozzle, 39mm Reflector Nozzle, Carrying Case
Hobart 770617 13-Piece Welding Clamp Set
Blazer Venture Butane Refillable Torch Lighter - Gun Metal
Tactical SWAT Gear Dual Torch Lighter - Windproof
Guillotine Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel & Tarnish Proof
Zippo 3800 4.5 oz Butane Fuel
Hanna Instruments HI 7031M 1413 ?s/cm Conductivity Solution (?ho/cm) 0.23L
Canon X Mark I Premium Black Desktop Calculator (3982B005)
Weller ML200 Magna-Lite Butane Table-Top Torch
Polypropylene Machine Screw, Pan Head, Phillips Drive, #8-32, 1/2" Length (Pack of 25)
Nylon Machine Screw, Flat Head, Phillips Drive, M8-1.25, 20mm Length (Pack of 50)
Nylon Machine Screw, Hex Head, #6-32, 3/16" Length (Pack of 100)
Blazer Optimus Cigar Lighter with Magnetic Cigar Cutter - Silver
Precision Twist 3/32" Taper Length Drill Parabolic 135 Deg HSS S/P L 4 1/4" Flute 2 1/4"