Kustom KB20 20W Bass Combo Amplifier, 1 x 12
Kustom KB200H 200W Bass Amplifier Head
Kustom KB10 10W Bass Combo Amplifier, 1 x 10
Laney NX410 4x10 Bass Cabinet
Lanikai Concert Banjolele
Lanikai Solid Zebrawood Tenor Cutaway Ukulele with Electronics
Lace P-Bass Set, Black
Lace Hemi Set , Chrome Covers
LightWave Saber Bass VL 5-String Fretted, Transparent Amber
LightWave Saber Bass SL 5-String Fretted, Xenon Blue
Mackie C300z 12-inch 2-Way Compact SR Monitor BLACK (Single Speaker)
Mackie Onyx 1640i FireWire Recording Mixer
Mackie SRM1801 18-inch 1000W Powered Subwoofer
Mackie SRM350V2 10-inch 2-Way Compact SR Loudspeaker BLACK (Single Speaker)
Mackie CFX 16-mkII 16-Ch. Compact SR Mixer w/Effects
Mackie RM1402-VLZ Rackmount Brackets for 1402-VLZ Pro & VLZ3
Mahalo UNG-30RD Painted Uke-Guitar (Red, Gig Bag)
M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedal
Meinl Bongo Cajon
Meinl Snare Bongo Cajon
Meinl Drumstick Holder
Meinl 12 Inch HCS China
Meinl Wood Shaker
Meinl Tamborim Stick
Meinl Plastic Egg Shaker
Mogami Gold AES 03 Reference Analog or Digital XLR Cable 3 feet
Mogami Pure Patch RR-03 Mono RCA to RCA, 75 ohm for Audio, Video, S/PDIF 3 feet
Mogami RCA-RCA 12 Mono RCA 12 feet
Mogami Pure Patch SS-02 1/4 to 1/4 TRS Balanced Quad Patch Cable 2 feet
Monster THXI100-SW16NF THX Certified Subwoofer Cable (16 feet)
Moody Guitar Strap, 2.5-Inch, Redwood/Curry, Suede-Backed, Long
Moody Guitar Strap, 4-Inch, Black/Red, Leather-Backed, Standard
Moody Guitar Strap, 4-Inch, Redwood/Curry, Suede-Backed, Long
MXL AC-406 USD Desktop Communicator
MXL DS-01 Universal Desktop Tripod Stand Extendable Legs
MXL PS-69 Power Supply for the MXL V69 Microphone
MXL FR303 6 Inch Shotgun Mic
Nady SCM-900 Studio Condenser Microphone
Mini Condenser Microphone
Nady WA-120HT/G1 Portable Wireless Public Address System with Hand-Held Mic/Transmitter
Nady Small Diaphram Condenser Microphone
Odyssey CXG908 Carpeted Combo Rack With Recessed Hardware: 9u Top, 8u Bottom
Odyssey CRE16 16 Space 17 Deep Carpeted Econo Rack
Odyssey LTP6 9' Tall Tripod Stand With 8-Bolt T-Bar
Odyssey FZGS12CDJW Glide Style DJ Coffin Case
Odyssey ARPVLP4 4 Space Fine Perforated Panel Rack Accessory
Odyssey CXC906 Econo Carpeted Combo Rack: 9u Top, 6u Bottom
Odyssey CF3634 Carpeted Foldout Stand For Combo Racks And Dj Coffins
Ortofon SH-4 Pink Headshell
Parker Fly Mojo Electric Guitar (Natural Mahogany)
Parker Fly Mojo Electric Guitar (Dusty Black)
Parker Fly Mojo Electric Guitar (Taxi Cab Yellow)
Parker Fly Mojo Electric Guitar (Trans Cherry)
Parker Fly Mojo Flame Electric Guitar (Trans Blue Burst)
Parker Fly Mojo Flame Electric Guitar (Black Cherry Burst)
Parker Fly Mojo Flame Electric Guitar (Trans Purple Burst)
Phonic Summit 16 Channel Digital Mixing Console with full color touch-screen
Phonic DYN2000 Dynamic Processor
Phonic AM120 MKII 1 Mic/Line 2 Stereo Input Compact Mixer
Phonic Helix Board 24 Universal 24-Input 4-Subgroup Mixer with USB 2.0 & FireWire Interface
Phonic WM-SYS4 Stereo Wireless System for Active Speakers
Phonic i7300 Digital Multi Reverb
Phonic MAX 1500 Plus 900 Watt Power Amplifier
PreSonus ADL600 2-Channel High-Voltage Vacuum Tube Mic Preamp
Pro-Mark TXJZW American Hickory Elvin Jones Autograph Series Model Jazz Wood Tip, Single Pair
Pro-Mark TX5BW American Hickory Wood Tip, Single Pair
Pro-Mark L-RODS Lightning Rods Drum Stick
Pro-Mark TXPCW American Hickory Phil Collins Autograph Series Wood Tip, Single Pair
Pro-Mark SRCW Stick Rapp Drumstick Wrap, Checkerboard White/Black
Pro-Mark S-RODS Stealth Rods Drum Stick
Pro-Mark C-RODS Cool Rods Drum Stick
Pro-Mark T-RODS Thunder Rods Drum Stick
Pro-Mark TXR5AN American Hickory Natural Nylon Tip, Single Pair, Unlacquered
Protec Deluxe Dreadnought Bag
Protec NK308GR Nikko Deluxe Flute Case Cover for Bb or C Foot (Grape)
Protec Student Percussion Kit Bag With Wheels
Rico - Alto Sax #2.0 - 3-Pack
Rico - Alto Sax #3.0 - Box of 10
Rocktron Deep Blue Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal
Rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
Rocktron Silver Dragon Tube Distortion Pedal
Schecter Omen-4 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Walnut Satin
Schecter Stargazer-12 Electric Guitar (12 String, Crimson Ghost)
Schecter Zacky Vengeance Mirror Electric Guitar
Schecter Damien Solo-6 Electric Guitar - Satin Black
Schecter SGR-4T Guitar Case
Schecter Hellcat VI Electric Guitar (Gloss Black)
Schecter Ultracure Electric Guitar (Gloss Black)
Schecter Hellcat VI Electric Guitar (3-Tone Sunburst)
Schecter Omen Extreme-7 Electric Guitar (Black Cherry, Left Handed)
Schecter Omen-4 Electric Bass (Gloss Black)
Schecter Damien-FR Electric Guitar (Satin Black)
Schecter SGR 11-UM Guitar Case
Schecter C-1 Standard Electric Guitar - Black Cherry
Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass Guitar (4 String, Black Cherry)